We are a group of Flagstaff artists and makers committed to quality creations that come from our hearts. We love to work and collaborate with others who share the same intention and enjoy the support and sharing from peers while bringing their own individuality to the table. Our mission is to share art with each other and our communities. 

We have several opportunities for artists to participate in such as exhibition on "The Indigo Wall", teaching classes, the Indigo Art Market, Meet the Maker events and many more to come.

The Indigo Wall features a new artist each month with reception on Flagstaff's First Friday Art Walk. Each artist is encouraged to work alongside the Collective's curators to better understand how vision and story can be achieved.

Meet the Maker is a 2 hour event on Thursday nights that puts artists and makers directly in front of an audience with presentation/demonstration of their work. This gives the buyer a one on one experience to ask questions and purchase directly from the creator.

The beloved Indigo Art Market will continue to be a pop-up event within the Flagstaff community ranging from our smaller markets of 4-5 artists to our larger market space of 10-12 artists. Artists are encouraged to offer demonstrations to the public while vending. All sellers must have a business/tax license within Coconino County. 

Our downtown space has room for small classes ranging from 4-8 people, we are happy to open up the space to guest teachers centered around Indigo's mission and the arts.

If you are interested in working with the Indigo Art Collective please fill out the form so we may understand how to be of help to your craft.

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