Crown of the Month: Goddess of Spring

Hey there! This is Tiffany from PinkLune!
For my monthly blogs I will be writing about my Crown of the Month; for this first month I thought I could share a bit about me and my little shop: 

PinkLune was created after years of making jewelry for family, friends, and myself. I was a Special Education teacher and resigned two years ago from the toughest classroom I have taught in so far. I left the classroom grateful for the time spent with my students, exhausted because I always try to save the world, and a spinal injury from trying to protect one of my kiddos. After living in three states in three years, teaching in three different schools in three different special education programs; I was pooped! After the injury, I needed a change and I needed to recharge; a rebirth in fact! My shop is named after "The Pink Moon"; which a full moon in Spring. The Pink Moon was the sign for some Native American tribes to plant their new crops. The Pink Moon has also been called the "Egg Moon", "Sprouting Grass Moon", and "Seed Moon." The Pink Moon in 2016 was on April 22nd, 2016 and coincidentally, was the day I resigned and my honey and I made a plan to let go of all things holding us back and plant new seeds. 

Since starting this little shop I have made some incredible connections with some amazing people. One of those people is our dear friend Sarah who is an amazing Tarot Card reader on You Tube. When we met I told her about my shop and she said we should work together. So every month we get together and I adorn her with new pieces that we choose for her current circumstances. She then wears her new pretties in her videos and I offer a little discount to her subscribers.

Last month we started the "Crown of the Month" which are one of a kind crowns made for her to wear in her readings on her full "Moon Magic" videos then sold in my shop. Each crown is special and will have reasons for the theme and the stones chosen. The first crown we collaborated on was the "Goddess of Sight" crown. This one was created for Sarah whose intuition and true sight guides her followers using her colors of royal purple, smoky grey, and rainbow charcoal. This months crown was the "Goddess of Spring" inspired by the Greek Goddess Persephone. This crown has 21 stones and the stones used were chosen to represent a bit of our darkness before the dawn in a sense. The grey for our cloudy days, blue for the sunny skies ahead, and green and pink for the infant life just barely starting to spring forth. 
Keep an eye out in our shop for a brand new Indigo Crown! For even more access to my pretties, stop in our store in downtown Flagstaff to check out our intricate display or check my Instagram page @pink_lune.