When the world has gone mad, make art

Hi all, Amanda here from Etherea Jewelry Designs. It’s my turn to blog.

It’s an interesting time for me to write, as I stare down this deadline, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks I need to complete, in what seems like a surely insufficient amount of time. Like all of the Indigo artists, and probably like many of you, I have a lot going on in my life. 

The decision to take this project on did not immediately come easily to me. While on one hand it felt so magical and seemed so in alignment with our individual and collective visions, I was worried about this moment; right now. The one where I’m almost in tears because I’m confronted with the reality that I can’t do it all, even if I really, really want to.

I think a lot of us take on more than is really realistic, so setting boundaries and learning to say no becomes requisite practice. We have all been practicing this. Sometimes, when I’m being particularly headstrong or stubborn, it takes something resembling a complete breakdown, something that makes continuing without making some kind of change impossible before I’ll concede. Life has an insistent way of restoring balance like that.

When that happens, life also insists that we reexamine our priorities and figure out what is truly important, trimming away the rest. And while so many things feel important to me in my life, the things embodied by the Indigo Art Collective – community, connection, growth, and creative expression – feel among the most valuable. In truth, they sometimes feel to me like the only things that make sense in a world that so often seems to have gone mad.

Once I cleared away the extraneous things, the decision to move forward with this project became quite easy. I simply could not imagine reality where I did not take this leap.

I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to embark on this journey with these four remarkable women, incredible, heart-centered artists and my dear friends. It is requiring me to reorient my time and energy toward the things I say and know are important. It is forcing me to be creative, not just in how I create my designs and execute my business, but in how I choose to curate my life. It has built time into my busy schedule to create art, to connect with other artists, to be encouraged and inspired and to be put in check when my actions and choices fall out of alignment with my vision.

It is an ever-evolving process, already full of successes and learning experiences, harmony and disharmony, celebration and disappointment, but most importantly: abundant art. I am so proud of all of us, and excited for what’s in store. Stay tuned <3