To Create Something from Nothing

To create- what does it mean to make something out of nothing? Following Mother's Day weekend this thought has been on my mind. As an artist this is a daily task, to constantly be making something, birthing new ideas and dreaming of non-existent realities. Sometimes ideas are born out of necessity, to create something that is needed. Sometimes to manifest something tangible into this world that gives us meaning. To shape a thought from one perspective into a form that can be shared with others. An insight into another person's world.

Through our art forms whether it be painting, writing, music, gardening, cooking and so on; creation starts with our minds and manifests through touch. Wether it be touching a brush to canvas for the first time or digging hands in the soil to literally plant seeds, there is an inception. The moment a new life starts, a story begins to unfold. A commitment is made to moving forward. We step into a blankness, an emptiness to build and grow.

Creation takes trust in what is not there now but will be later. To know mistakes will be made, perfection is not the goal and the process is the joy. The labor pains of creating is where we find growth, understanding, respect. Visions expanded and sometimes tossed in the garbage to start a new. All while making our way to completion, a goal, the finale. At that point we have to let go, walk away from what has become and let it bring joy in the world in it's own way. Like a deep inhale, it fills us up and nourishes us, gives life. Then the exhale, release...

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