Dude, where’s my inspiration?

I’ve been noticing lately that several of my artist friends have been telling me that they feel uninspired or disconnected from their art or their creative flow. I myself had a moment recently where I looked at my entire inventory and thought: I hate it. All of it. I think as artists we all inevitably reach that point sometimes when we’ve stared at a piece for so long we get sick of looking at it, or when our creative juice simply runs dry. 

For me, I think I had fallen into a rhythm of what felt like “mass producing” custom pieces or those that were selling well, leaving no time for me to get creative about making something that I’ve never made before. That to me is when creating feels the most fun and engaging. It’s when I feel the most connected to my art and to my creative core.

I’ve been finding myself not knowing what to say, though, to my uninspired friends. It left me wondering where the inspiration to create comes from, and where it goes when it appears absent. I asked my roommate and dear friend what she thought, and it sparked an interesting conversation. She mentioned a theory about how creative expression doesn’t come from you, but rather moves through you from some external source as though you were a conduit. We talked about how it seems creativity often feels sparked by adventure.

I am writing this from a car that is on the way to an airport, about to embark on a plane to adventure.  I’m planning to see several people I know and love when I get there, as well as people I’ve only just met. I think I will continue this inquiry, asking friends and strangers I encounter where they feel inspiration comes from. Will report back next time, stay tuned . . . <3