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May - Astrophotography of Brian Bradley

  • Indigo Art Collective 17 North San Francisco Street, Suite 1B Flagstaff, AZ, 86001 United States (map)

“Photography is an art, and all art is a window through which we are able to see countless different worlds, presented by none other than the artist. I see beauty everywhere in my world, from the sky to the earth to the stars to the people in between, and even where most may look away. Whether it be with brilliant splashes of color or melancholy shades of black and white, through a digital art creation, a peek into our beautiful cosmos or a simple landscape, I want to share this beauty with everyone; I hope that by looking into my world, one might begin to perceive their own differently.”

I have always been fascinated with and passionate about astronomy, cosmology and space in general. Throughout my life I have felt a connection with the stars and have had an everlasting curiosity towards what is out there in the great void. At a young age I was dazzled by images produced by the Hubble telescope but never thought I would be taking pictures of deep space nebulas, star clusters and the like; I always thought that was reserved for NASA. Yet here I am. I consider these images my first truly successful captures of deep space objects, and they are the product of much research, financial commitment, technical challenges and hard work over the last year and half. During this time I have dedicated myself to learning about astrophotography, spending countless hours in front of a computer screen and under the stars, battling with complicated equipment setups, the stinging cold of Flagstaff winter nights, and even my own mind trying to capture these beautiful objects above us that we cannot see in their true magnificence with the naked eye. But every time the payoff is worth it. Unmasking our divine cosmos is such a liberating spiritual feeling; through this work I feel connected to the universe in such a magical and fulfilling way. I feel that it bridges the gap between my humanity and something far greater than myself, helping me realize that I and we are all connected to it, and that even though these objects are vastly far away, my gravity still effects them and their gravity effects me. It all comes around full circle. Despite all this, I am only scratching the surface, merely joining the growing community of existing and equally passionate astrophotographers around the globe who, like me, have realized that with enough research, dedication and passion, this kind of work is indeed within reach to those with the appropriate desire. I am extremely excited and grateful to present the the fruits of my labors with you at the same time knowing that there is so much more to learn, much improvement to be made ahead, and that I am merely a novice in this realm.
instagram: @brian.t.bradley